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The Idaho Environmental Coalition recognizes its role as a contributing partner in the community it serves. This policy outlines guidelines and procedures to help facilitate IEC’s response to the many requests for charitable donations, event sponsorships, and in-kind requests received annually from the surrounding communities. This policy establishes processes and controls to ensure donations are carried out with fairness and due diligence and are reflective of IEC’s values and mission.


Requests for sponsorships, donations or assistance must be submitted in writing using the Community Sponsorship/Donation Request Form found below,

Preference is given to projects related to the following:

  • Regional Education
  • STEM Education
  • Economic Growth
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health and Welfare
  • Civic and Community Events
  • Arts and Cultural Efforts


  • Individuals, including persons who are seeking financial support for their individual participation in a fundraising effort or event.
  • Individuals requesting funds for their private use – regardless of the intent of need.
  • Political causes or candidates
  • Athletic teams and athletic fundraising events or private school.
Community Giving


Charitable donations represent support given to a group or organization without the anticipation of reciprocal benefit to IEC. As an active partner in the community, IEC recognizes there are unmet needs that we, as an employer, can assist in supporting through financial donations

Requests for donations will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  1. The donation meets IEC Sponsorship Guidelines and Approval Process.
  2. The donation meets current funding capabilities.
  3. The donation supports IEC’s Mission and strategic initiatives.
  4. Priority will be given to requests that support wellness, the disadvantaged, and overall community initiatives.
  5. Priority will be given to requests by organizations in IEC’s service area and within the communities where IEC employees live.

IEC reserves the right to deny any request, at its sole discretion. Funding in prior years does not guarantee continued funding in any subsequent year.

IEC will not provide charitable donations in the following instances:

  1. Requests from commercial, for-profit businesses.
  2. Requests from organizations that are engaged in political or lobbying activities.
  3. Requests from individuals for private use.
  4. Requests from organizations or programs that are inconsistent with IEC’s mission or values or that would be deemed a conflict of interest.


Sponsorships represent requests for funding of cash or in-kind products and services that are offered by IEC with the expectation of the receipt of a benefit or value. Sponsorship includes any activity in which IEC pays a fee, makes a cash donation, or provides goods and services to an organization in return for being identified in promotional and marketing collateral or participating in that organization’s activity.

The benefits to IEC may include the following:

  1. Display and promotion of IEC’s brand and logo.
  2. Verbal, written and/or visual acknowledgement at events, functions, etc.
  3. Participation opportunities for employee’s or board members of IEC.
  4. The ability to highlight a particular service line or subject matter expertise.

Guidelines for Acceptable Sponsorships:

IEC’s priority in providing sponsorships is to nonprofit groups and/or other business that share our community and our objectives.

Requests for sponsorships will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  1. The sponsorship meets IEC’s Sponsorship Guidelines and Approval Process.
  2. The sponsorship meets current funding capabilities.
  3. The sponsorship supports IEC’s Mission and strategic initiatives.
  4. The sponsorship provides for broad community impact.
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Formal requests for donations and sponsorships should be made by completing the Community Sponsorship/Donation Request Form below. Please submit the form at least four weeks before your event.

IEC Sponsorship/Donation Form

The Community Sponsorship/Donation Request form must be completed to be considered for a sponsorship, donation, or paid advertisement by IEC.